MBR Advantage Projects

Naturally, coordination among trades is essential for the success of every project. With MBR, the coordination between those trades becomes nearly seamless so your project runs smoother.

This concept can potentially help the bottom line of your organization. By sharing resources, tools, equipment and supplies, MBR is often able to pass along a significant savings when awarded both the electrical and mechanical portions of a project.

MBR’s mechanical division has a wealth of experience in the design, maintenance and construction of HVAC, refrigeration, dust collection, pollution control, air balancing and control systems, and energy management implementations.

Electrically, MBR is proficient in the installation of high voltage services, power distribution, emergency power systems, communication systems and fire alarm and data systems, to name just a few.

MBR can handle even the most demanding and complicated projects and bring a cohesive solution unmatched in the industry.

Our services include:

  • In-house CAD department
  • Fully-automated ductwork fabrication facility
  • Computerized estimating
  • Design phase cost budgeting
  • Proactive safety program
  • Extensive project management experience in all types of construction
  • Proven value engineering procedures
  • Testing and validation support
  • Stringent quality assurance and quality control standards and procedures
  • System upgrades, renovations and retrofits
  • Technical support and consulting services
  • 24/7 service department ready to respond to your needs at any time